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Working Person


Founded in 1995, The Working Person’s Store retail location rapidly grew to become a major destination for quality, name brand work apparel and footwear, while serving a wide spectrum of working people throughout the USA. By 2001, business continued to grow at a very rapid pace and they responded to the needs of their more distant customers, to provide a more convenient online catalog to serve repeat ordering needs. After the opening of, they were very pleased to begin serving an even wider array of customers on both a national and international basis, with ever increasing demand for their goods and services. Then, in 2005, Working continued their expansion with the acquisition of their new Technology Center, as well as a dramatic increase in the size and scope of their team. Since that time, the site has become the number one, world-wide destination for work clothing, work footwear and safety gear, serving customers on five continents daily.















Special Price! – Was: $38.00

Special Price! – Was: $89.99