Samsonite Mid-Century Modern Medium Glider


The Samsonite Mid-Century Modern Medium Glider is an innovative piece of luggage from the Samsonite line with many new features making it much more user-friendly. It’s variety of striking colors also make it very easy to pick out on the luggage carousel & it has coordinated print lining.

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Samsonite Mid-Century Modern Medium Glider

Samsonite Mid-Century Modern Medium Glider




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There’s no need to wonder which bag is yours – it’s one of only 300 ever made. The limited Edition Samsonite Mid-Century Modern Medium Glider features eye-catching arthouse prints that evoke the clean lines, geometric forms, and organic curves of the classic mid-century aesthetic. The timeless quality of these confident graphics is paired with the iconic performance and features that you’ve come to expect from Samsonite’s flagship line.

With a broader base and wider handle, the patented Glider™ cases have a lower center of gravity, which increases stability and maneuverability. Samsonite’s Tru-Trac wheel system features a V-shaped, camber instructed design for a smooth roll every time. Polypropylene corner rails work to absorb impact when cases are dropped or hit. The Mid-Century Modern Glider’s rails flex to absorb shock, protecting your case like never before.

The RightHeight™ Pull Handle system features multiple height adjustments that makes it easy to custom fit the bag to most body types. You just set the handle at the position that’s best for you to reduce the weight-bearing stress on your arm and back. Deluxe cushioning and soft rubber seals on the wider RightHeight™ Pull Handle combine to provide an exceptionally comfortable grip.

The interior of the Samsonite Mid-Century Modern Medium Glider features coordinated print lining. It has a full-zip interior divider with multiple zippered pockets, a WetPak™ pocket, and mesh tie-down panels to keep clothes neatly organized while in transit. A Wetpak™ is a zippered compartment which allows you to separately pack damp or soiled items. The Glider also features zipper expansion for additional packing capacity as you never know when you will need that little bit of extra room.

Side-mounted TSA locks help deter theft, ensuring that only you, an authorized TSA agent or one of their UK counterparts have easy access to your belongings when traveling. An integrated ID tag is hidden within the pull handle bezel to protect your personal information while traveling.


Available colors: Bodega Blue, Kaleidoscope/Black, O’Mod/Black/White


Product Specifications

Body Dimensions: 22.0″ x 11.25″ x 20.0″

Overall Dimensions: 22.0″ x 11.25″ x 21.5″


Linear Measurements: 53.25 linear inches + expansion in depth


Weight: 9.0 lbs.


Material: Polypropylene


Warranty: 10 Years Limited